A living room bookshelf can be used as the focal point of the room, making it more interesting than ever. The shelves can be customized to fit any size room, and you can even add a door to the bookcase to conceal a smaller adjoining area or create an uninterrupted run of shelving. To turn a door into a bookcase requires expert carpentry and heavy-duty hinges and sliding mechanisms. To finish off the look, add faux books to the shelves and a full-run of shelving.

To keep the shelves neat and organized, invest in bookends. Bookends are especially useful for slender or paperback books. They help keep books upright and add visual interest to a decorative bookcase. If you have a built-in, consider painting it a bold color to draw attention to the books. You can also add a slanted shelf to make the display more eye-catching. When placing books, make sure to place attention-grabbing titles at eye-level for the best effect.

To make the living room bookshelf look more spacious, try grouping them according to their colors. Grouping them by color adds instant depth to the bookcase, and it draws the eye upward. For small living rooms, color-coding your books will give the illusion of a larger room. But remember that the bookcase is the center of attention in a room. A living room bookshelf can also become a focal point, bringing a room to life with the right accessories.

The best way to place a bookcase is to take measurements and find one that suits the room’s dimensions and height. Look for adjustable shelves to accommodate books of various heights. Also, make sure to anchor the bookshelf to a wall if it is tall. Many off-the-shelf bookcases come with a stabilizing strap to anchor it in place. You can arrange the shelves to maximize the amount of space while still maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Adding a bookshelf to a living room is a fantastic idea for a bookworm! The wall space behind a sofa or couch is a prime spot for a bookshelf. And if you aren’t a bookworm, you can always add some bookshelves – or even magazines and trinkets from your travels. But make sure to consult a professional before choosing a design for your living room bookshelf!

Whether you want a contemporary bookcase or an old-fashioned bookcase, you’ll find the right combination of furniture and color. A white bookshelf in a corner can be a great way to add character to the room without overwhelming the entire area. Moreover, the bookshelves can be designed to be as simple or as complex as you like! It’s also great to have a bookcase or a display cabinet positioned right next to your fireplace.

While a traditional, rectangular bookcase might look imposing next to a tall cabinet or armoire, a wide bookcase is the best way to blend in with your existing furniture. A horizontal bookcase, on the other hand, gives you a huge amount of shelf space. And it makes the entire room look more cohesive. The choice of bookshelf will depend on your preferences and room size. Ensure that you choose a bookcase that complements your style and accentuates your living room’s focal points.